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Agriculture combines many areas: agriculture, crop production, animal husbandry. The agro-industrial complex includes other branches of science and economics: veterinary medicine, production of mineral fertilizers, chemical plant protection products, processing sector. The development of plant growing technologies, the emergence of new equipment and agricultural machinery are forcing farmers to turn to foreign sources of information. To get a correct translation, you need to find a translator who has sufficient knowledge in the field of agriculture.

Sales of agricultural products are not limited to the domestic market, in recent years, farmers are increasingly reaching the international level. Cooperation with foreign partners involves communication in a language understood by both parties. Professional translators should be used to translate agricultural documents and texts.

Requirements for the translation of agricultural texts

Regardless of the target language, the agricultural translation must meet the criteria for technical translation:

  • clearly reflect the essence of the issue;
  • maintain a business style of presentation;
  • have precise wording and well-used special terms;
  • the translated text should be informative, logical, coherent.

To comply with these conditions, the translator must have in-depth knowledge of agricultural topics.

Properly executed agricultural translation will avoid misunderstandings at customs when exporting goods abroad or when importing purchased agricultural machinery, will help to understand the intricacies of technology, the rules of operation of equipment.

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Advantages of translating agricultural texts in a professional agency

The Topperevod translation agency has specialists in agriculture. They will help you do:

  • translation of constituent documents of agricultural enterprises, licenses, reports provided to foreign counterparties and investors;
  • translation of agricultural articles;
  • translation of accompanying documents for submission to the customs service and other instances;
  • translation of technical documentation for agricultural machinery;
  • translation of instructions for use and operation;
  • translation of advertising and printing products.

Verification of the translation is performed by the editor and proofreader, which guarantees the absence of errors, inappropriate use of terms, distortion of meaning.

Translations of texts on agricultural topics in our office are of high quality, accurate use of terminology.

We can translate into (c) 70 languages of the world in various areas of agricultural activity: animal husbandry, crop production, veterinary medicine, agricultural machinery… If necessary, our specialists perform urgent translation of agricultural texts and necessary documents.

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How to order a translation

You can place an order for the translation of documents and texts of agricultural orientation in the company’s offices in Kharkov, Kiev, on our website or by sending an application by e-mail. The manager will contact you, answer all questions, calculate the cost of the project and name the deadlines. You can get acquainted with our prices in advance on the website. The cost of translation depends on the volume of the text and the language pair. If the translation is urgently needed, the cost of the service will increase by 50%.

The quality of our work does not depend on the speed of translation and the complexity of the language – it is always at a high level!