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The translation of medical texts, like any branch of translation, requires from the translator a deep knowledge of the subject and attention. The Topperevod translation agency will help you do:

  • translation of medical reports;
  • translation of clinical examination materials;
  • translation of extracts from medical history, tests, research;
  • translation of instructions for medicines;
  • translation of technical documentation for medical equipment;
  • translation of scientific medical articles, texts …

The agency’s translators will not only perform medical translations into English of documents, articles, materials or medical translations from English into Russian. Our office guarantees quality medical translation / from 70 languages of the world, with which our translators work.

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Features of medical translation in the Topperevod office

What does a translator face when a medical translation in English is required? Translation work is not limited to the exact translation of medical terms from Russian into English.

Firstly, because medical documents and texts use a large number of Latin names, which means that a specialist in the field of medical translation of texts must also know Latin.

Secondly, the medical field covers many areas. In addition to clinical medicine, this includes pharmacology, medical and biological fields, diagnostics, and hence medical equipment. And each direction has not only its own terminology, but also accepted abbreviations, understandable only to specialists.

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How much is a medical translation

The cost of translating medical documents at the translation agency depends on the languages of translation and the direction of the text. For example, translating a package leaflet or a standard certificate will be cheaper than translating a scientific paper on the latest advances in medicine.

Prices for medical translation in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine can be found in the relevant section of the site. Please note that the involvement of a specialized specialist in translation work is paid separately. If you need to certify the translation of medical documents in Kiev, Kharkov, inform the manager when ordering. The company seal of the bureau is free of charge, the services of a notary are paid. The manager will help to calculate the full cost of works taking into account the volume of the provided document (text) and additional services.

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Terms of medical translation

When placing an order with a medical translation agency, you can discuss the terms of the translation with the manager. If necessary, we will make a translation in a short time. Our specialists will translate the provided material by the specified time without loss of quality. It should be understood that the cost of an urgent translation of a medical text is 50% more expensive than a translation performed in the usual time.

Translation quality

When ordering the service, you can be sure of the correctness and literacy of the translation. We trust medical translation of documents to translators who are not only versed in theory, but also have practical experience in the medical field. However, the high quality of services is not only the merit of our translators, but also a well-organized control system. Each translation must be checked by the editor and proofreader of the bureau for the absence of stylistic and grammatical errors. Only after passing the procedure of checking, clarifying and correcting inaccuracies, the translation of the medical text is considered ready and can be issued to the customer.