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Any business relationship with partners, employers, contractors is based on oral and written agreements. It is customary to conclude an agreement to formalize international partnerships. Its translation is mostly provided together with the original. In this way, the parties can get acquainted with the document in full and avoid misunderstandings caused by language problems.

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Перевод контрактов TopperevodWhen concluding an agreement with foreign contractors, you must translate the contract into English or another language that is easy to understand. If the contract agreement was prepared by a foreign party and is executed in only one language, you may need to translate the contract into Russian or Ukrainian.

Features of legal translation of contracts

Like any type of translation, legal translation of contracts has its own characteristics. First of all, it is a business style of presentation and a clear preservation of the structure of the original text. The presence of cumbersome expressions, turns and verbal constructions, the abundance of terms from different areas of activity complicates the work on the translation of legal documents. In addition to legal terms, the document often contains economic terms, as well as thematic ones from the scope of the agreement. It follows that a translator who can be entrusted with a contract to translate into English or another language must have a diverse background. As an option for consultation or editing, you can invite a specialist in the desired field.

A special approach to the translation of contracts

Translation of contracts, like any type of translation in the field of law, has its own characteristics and requires special attention to detail. To translate the contract correctly, the translator must first read and analyze the document, clarify with the customer the issues that arose during the review, and only then proceed to the translation itself. This approach eliminates all inaccuracies and perform work at a high level. Specialists from the Topperevod translation agency in Kharkiv and Kyiv are working on this scenario.

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High-quality legal translation of contracts from the Topperevod translation agency

Our agency’s translators have many years of experience in both linguistics and law. They can translate the contract into English, German, Polish, other languages and reverse translation into Russian or Ukrainian. Given the complexity and complexity of working on a legal document, we must check the finished text, make the necessary adjustments, edit and re-read. This multi-stage verification guarantees high-quality translated text.

If you need an urgent translation of contracts, we will do the job in a short time without losing quality. The cost of urgent work is 50% more expensive than the price indicated in the price list.

You can order the service in Kharkiv or Kyiv in our office or on the website.

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