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You can get a high-quality translation of documents in Kremenchug in our translation agency. The translation agency provides oral and written translation. Translation topics can be varied: medical, technical, legal and others.

Translation services in Kremenchuk

The specialists of our translation agency in Kremenchug know all the specific terminology, abbreviations and other features of translating text from foreign languages. Therefore, when performing translation work, the meaning of the text is fully preserved. TOPEREVOD translates not only documents, but also other types of texts, including scientific works and works of art.

Services of our company in Kremenchug

We will help to make translation and apostille of documents in Kremenchug. We also provide services not only for the translation of documents, but also for notarization of documents, legalization and other actions to make documents official.

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With an apostille in Kremenchug, the translation of documents allows you to legalize papers, but at the same time, only a state institution in the country that issued the original can affix a stamp. Accordingly, assistance with this case may often be required if a person, for example, is in another country. Stamping a translated document gives it legal force. Such a document is valid in other countries, as a complete and original, issued by government agencies.

Notarized translation is not just a translation of a document, but with notarization. Such a service is carried out with the help of a notary in the presence of the original and with the personal presence of an interpreter.

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In Kremenchuk, translation into English is in great demand, but this is not the only direction. The company employs specialists who at a professional level know the most popular languages of the world in order to provide translation to or from them – into Ukrainian.

Our company in Kremenchug translates documents not only on paper, but also in electronic form. This is relevant if the issuance of a physical document in hand is not required, and only its electronic copy is sufficient.

Separately, it is worth highlighting such a service in Kremenchug as interpretation. This type of translation is divided into two: synchronous and sequential. Such services are most in demand during business negotiations, at meetings with foreigners or during the organization of various events with the participation of foreign guests.

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Simultaneous translation is a translation when the text is translated simultaneously with its pronunciation. Sequential is much easier, because the translation comes after the spoken speech, and the specialist has time to analyze the entire phrase and produce the most adapted version as a result.

Advantages of our company

Our company values its clients, therefore we are looking for an individual approach to each, and the advantages are obvious:

  1. All work is carried out at the highest level.
  2. Reading texts carefully
  3. We fulfill urgent orders, regardless of volumes

At the same time, the prices of the services provided are not overstated, and are available to any Ukrainian citizen who needs a translation.