Translation agency in Ternopil

Translation price:
From 40 UAH
Notarization:From 110 UAH
Company assurance:
Is free
Transfer term:From 1 day

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Notarized translation in Ternopil allows you to ensure the legality and legalization of a foreign document in any country. Such a translation allows you to end up using documentation for official institutions and government organizations. Without this, it will be difficult to use official documents of a person issued by foreign authorities. The price includes the services of a notary.

Guarantees and cost for transfers in the city of Ternopil

The translation agency in Ternopil allows you to get a translation at the lowest possible cost, and at the same time, the translation of documents will be of high quality, since it is done by professionals with the appropriate education. This means that the customer is guaranteed to receive a translation with notarization, which will be made perfectly and will be accepted by any official institutions.

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The cost depends on various parameters:

  • the complexity of the translation;
  • text volume;
  • notarial certification;
  • setting an apostille.

Depending on the situation, a translation may cost differently, and it is better to check the price individually with the specialists of the translation agency. At the same time, only some state organizations put an apostille in Ternopil, and we can only help to draw up the documentation in an appropriate way.

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What transfers do we offer in Ternopil

The company offers a high-quality and adapted translation that will easily pass any checks in government organizations and is suitable for official use. The bureau offers translations:

  • documentation with notarization, apostille or simply in any language;
  • scientific texts and works, popular science articles and other narrowly professional texts;
  • artistic texts, poems and literary works, letters and correspondence.

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We are ready to provide a high-quality translation service into any language, and this allows you to receive documents that can be used for relevant purposes in other countries. It may also be relevant for the legalization of foreign documents on the territory of Ukraine. We will help make the translated documentation official and completely legal!