Translation agency in Uzhgorod – prices

Translation price:
From 40 UAH
Notarization:From 110 UAH
Company assurance:
Is free
Transfer term:From 1 day

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Order a translation

Official translation of documents in Uzhgorod from TOPPEREVOD allows you to quickly get the necessary papers in the state language. This is necessary when a package of documents needs to be submitted in another country – thus, a translation into another language is necessary, and it can be ordinary or notarized, and even with an apostille.

Notarization of documents

Translation with notarization in Uzhgorod allows you to get inexpensive documents that will be completely legal and real. This is necessary for the legalization of documentation in the territory of a certain country, since in another state the authorities do not accept papers drawn up in the language of a foreign country and not notarized. At the same time, the bureau offers the following services:

  • translation into any language of the world;
  • notarization on the spot;
  • assistance in setting up an apostille.

Order a translation

You may need to order a translation of documents in Uzhgorod with a notarized translation if you need a package of documents that will be legalized. Bureau Topperevod guarantees that the translation will be done with high quality, and at the same time in Uzhgorod you can pick up a document certified by a notary in person at the company’s office.

The cost of services in Uzhgorod

A modern translation agency in Uzhgorod is ready to provide a professional translation service into any language, and all specialists have the necessary education and training to ensure that the services are provided at a high level. The cost depends on whether the translation must be notarized or an apostille is required. If you order an online translation without an apostille and notarization, then it is possible to receive it simply by an electronic document by mail, and then the cost will be much lower.

In addition, a lot also depends on the language into which the provided text needs to be translated. If you order a translation into English in Uzhgorod, it will be cheaper than when working with Chinese and Japanese.

Order a translation

You can find out how much translations in Uzhgorod cost and ask all important questions regarding this service during a consultation with specialists by calling the numbers indicated in the contact information. The order can be placed both online and directly at the office of the company.