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The expansion of international relations in business, science, and cultural life makes the services of translation agencies in demand. This service is useful for both individuals and entire organizations operating abroad. Professional translation of documents plays an important role in legalizing documents.

Topperevod employs high-level professionals, which is why the translation agency in Lyubotyn guarantees accurate adaptation of the original text in 70 languages and competent document design.

Types of translations performed by our specialists

Written translation is the transfer of the essence of the text provided in the source language, with the help of language resources of another language, taking into account vocabulary, grammatical and stylistic specifics. When translating a technical text, the key point is the accuracy and clarity of the content. The emotional component is also important in literary translations, so the translator needs to be able to be creative in working on the translation of a work of art.

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Experienced translators of the translation agency will translate documents in Lyubotyn and notarize the translation. In addition to common types of translation (legal, technical, economic…) we can translate fiction books, scientific articles, comics, brochures, booklets and guides, as well as specialized texts. If necessary, the linguists of our translation agency will help you organize oral communication with foreigners, foreign partners, delegations.

Why you should turn to our specialists

An important and crucial condition in choosing a contractor is the correct organization of translation production. In our translation agency, not only the translator but also other specialists work with the text. The proofreader finds and corrects possible spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors in the translation. The editor re-reads the translated material of the document. Thanks to the multi-stage control system, you can be sure of the translation.

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Advantages of our company:

  • double quality control;
  • wide range of types of translation;
  • availability of linguistic and other special education for bureau employees;
  • large translation staff;
  • minimum terms of execution of orders.