certificate of good conduct

A certificate of non-conviction is a document of the established form with information about the presence or absence of a criminal record on a specified date. A sample of what a police clearance certificate looks like can be found on the Internet. The authorized body issuing the document are the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. By contacting a service center or companies providing intermediary services, including translation agencies, you will receive a police clearance certificate without making any special efforts.

Documents required for ordering a certificate

To apply for a certificate of criminal record or lack of it, you need a civil passport and a copy of it. After filling out the application within the prescribed period, you will receive a finished document. Depending on which certificate you ordered, it will contain brief or extended information. In the first option, data on the absence of an outstanding criminal record as of the date of the certificate are indicated, in the second - all data available on the citizen about bringing him to justice. At the same time, information about the fact that a person is on the wanted list will be present, regardless of the type of certificate.

Why is it necessary to translate a certificate of non-conviction?

When traveling abroad, you may need a certificate with a translation. It is necessary when preparing documents for leaving the country, applying for a job, studying abroad, and in many other cases.

Assistance in getting help and translation services

Topperevod translation agency will help you get a certificate of a criminal record in Kharkiv. Our specialists will also translate the certificate into the desired language, certify it with the seal of the agency or notary public. The cost of a comprehensive service depends on the timing of the order and the language of translation. If necessary, we will help you get a quick certificate of non-conviction.