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An apostille is a necessary attribute affixed to the documents of citizens and legal entities in order to give legal force to the papers abroad. It is an international stamp, the task of which is to certify the authenticity of the document. The apostille stamp is placed on the original document (sometimes on a certified copy), filled in in a certain way, certified by the seal and signature of an authorized person.

Preparation of documents for submission for apostille in Kharkov

The first step is the collection and execution of documents that you may need abroad. To understand what documents need legalization, whether they are subject to apostille and where to apply for this, it is advisable to consult in advance. For help, you can contact the specialists of the translation agency, which provides translation, apostille, and notarization services.

It must be understood that an apostille stamp can only be affixed to the authorized body of the country in which it was issued. This procedure takes some time, so you should take care of the apostille before going abroad and well in advance.

Not for all countries the apostille stamp is sufficient and consular legalization is required for them, but. some countries require a double apostille. In our translation agency you can get a free consultation on the procedure, as well as order apostille services.

What documents are subject to apostille and where to put the apostille stamp

Certification of documents with an apostille in Ukraine is carried out by the Ministries according to their profile:

  • Ministry of Justice All papers issued by the departments of the Civil Registry Office, justice authorities, courts, notary offices.

  • MON. Documents on education, certificates from educational institutions, other papers related to the field of education and science.

  • MFA. Other types of documents issued by various authorities, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs), as well as certificates from the place of residence, work, from medical institutions ...

Assistance in apostille

In order not to waste time on appeals to authorities, standing in lines, contact the Topperevod translation agency for help. The employees of our bureau will take care of all the concerns of submitting documents for apostille and affixing a stamp in the relevant Ministry. In the bureau you can order a range of services: apostille, translation of documents with notarization, if necessary, a second apostille, and get documents ready for use in another country. Ask the bureau manager for the price of translation and apostille, as well as the terms of order fulfillment. We will help you get an urgent apostille (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, other cities), wherever you are.

Questions and answers

Why an Apostille is needed

An apostille is required for registration of business documents, personal documents of citizens, copies and translations certified by a notary. The stamp does not confirm the correctness of the content of the document, it only certifies the authenticity of the signature of an authorized person, reflects the legality of official papers.

What is a double apostille

An apostille is placed on the reverse side of the document when an apostilled document and an apostilled translation must be submitted to foreign government agencies.

How much does apostilization cost

The cost of apostille starts from 250 UAH. Full price link

What documents require an apostille

  • Birth certificate

  • Marriage certificate

  • Death certificate

  • Divorce Certificate

In addition, official documents confirming education or a scientific degree fall under apostille. Also, documents that require certification through an apostille include:

  • Medical certificates and documents confirming the diagnosis

  • Certificates of no criminal record

  • Constituent documents of the firm or company

  • Various treaties

  • Notarized copies of documents

  • Permission to leave the country of the child