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Accounting plays a key role in any economic activity. The high need for interethnic communication affects such an orientation of the translation sphere as the translation of balance sheets, certificates, reports, and other documentation.

Features of the translation of accounting documents

It is especially necessary to carry out the translation of the financial statements of any company, which is a document of paramount importance, with particular care. Financial statements are the main consolidated documents that are submitted for verification to various departments. Any activity of a company that has foreign partners is accompanied by an exchange of correspondence, including accounting documents. Translation of such papers is required for transfer to a foreign office.

Financial documentation, reflecting the economic field of activity, contains many terms and a large number of figures.

When performing accounting translation into English or other languages, all this information must be correctly interpreted in order to avoid negative consequences for the company. An important point is the correct execution of papers in accordance with industry standards and the requirements of the legislation of different countries.

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What does financial reporting include?

Translation of accounting documents is part of the financial statements, which includes the balance sheet and many reporting documents:

  •   on profit and loss;
  •   on cash flow;
  •   on retained earnings;
  •   on changes in capital;
  •   on lending…

Experienced translators are also needed to translate documents related to forensic accounting, management, tax, budget, and banking accounting.

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To whom to entrust accounting translation

It would be inappropriate to entrust the translation of the “language of numbers” to ordinary translators, since not everyone has the necessary experience, skills and professional knowledge. Qualified specialists of the Topperevod translation agency are fluent in and apply in practice the current accounting terminology, they know the international standards for the preparation of financial documents.

Work on the translation of the accounting text takes place in several stages. First, a specialist in the language and financial fields deals with the document. Then the finished translation is edited by a professional proofreader, who checks the correctness and consistency of the use of lexical means, style of presentation and grammar. At the last stage, if necessary, the proofreading of the financial document is carried out by a native speaker of the target language. The cost of our services depends on the target languages ​​and the volume of the translated text. The price can be found by reading the price list on the site.

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When contacting the agency, you get a guarantee of the quality of the translated material, as well as the preservation of all confidential information. If you need an urgent translation of documents, we will perform the work as soon as possible. Topperevod offices are located in Kharkov and Kiev, but you can use our services from anywhere in Ukraine by filling out an online application on the website.

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