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Translation price:
From 40 UAH
Notarization:From 110 UAH
Company assurance:
Is free
Transfer term:From 1 day

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The need for high-quality translation of a document is becoming more and more common these days. Such situations may arise during preparation for admission to a university, a business trip abroad, as well as during the registration of marriage. The translation agency in Odessa is ready to assist in the translation and execution of various kinds of notarized papers (certificates, statements, contracts, etc.).

Types of translation agency services in Odessa

Translation agency in Odessa provides assistance in a variety of situations. Depending on the circumstances, our agency is ready to provide the following types of translations:

  1. Notarized translation of documents in Odessa
  2. Translation services
  3. Apostille in public institutions
  4. Interpreting Services

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Notarized translation in Odessa is when, after the completion of the translation of a specific text, the necessary certification is made by a notary. Thus, plain paper with text becomes official and gains legal force. A notarized translation in Odessa may be needed in case of an order for the translation of the following documents:

  1. State-issued certificate (on marriage / divorce, birth of a child, death)
  2. Diplomas, certificates and certificates of completion of education
  3. Passport (regular and for travel abroad)
  4. Certificate of any type, including medical or issued by state government bodies
  5. Documents confirming the right of the child to travel to other countries

The client can also order a translation of a driver’s license and any other official documents in Odessa.

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Written translation in Odessa

This offer is often used by entrepreneurs and legal entities to conduct business, but it is also relevant for individuals. With the help of a translation agency in Odessa, you can carry out a high-quality translation of corporate and medical certificates, extracts and epicrises. Also this translation service is of great importance when translating financial papers and legal documents. Thanks to this, the procedure for concluding agreements in Odessa becomes transparent and understandable to both parties of international negotiations. This means that the client of the bureau does not risk losing time and money. Another key importance is the translation of accompanying technical documentation. Thanks to this, the risk of any kind of emergency situations in production is significantly reduced if the documentation is technical.

Apostille in Odessa

This type of translation service in Odessa is of great importance when traveling abroad. At its core, an apostille is the legalization of documents. This procedure allows obtaining confirmation of the issuance by an official. In this case, the apostille will be considered a sign of international significance. Apostille may be required if a married couple moves abroad. Also, this translation service is of great importance when issuing diplomas, certificates and graduation certificates.

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Interpreting in Odessa

Events where citizens of different countries can gather are not uncommon in Odessa. This translation service from our agency will help facilitate communication. The staff of our office can easily cope with this task. A wide choice of foreign languages, a culture of communication, as well as extensive experience will provide the desired result to the customer. At the same time, you can be sure that when placing an order for the translation of documents in Odessa, the prices of the agency will pleasantly surprise you.

The list of interpreting offers from our agency includes the following:

  1. Consecutive translation of documents (Odessa);
  2. Interpreters for outdoor events;
  3. Simultaneous translation, dubbing;
  4. Urgent translation services.

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Why you should choose us

When placing an order for translation of a text, not only speed, but also quality is very important. The employees of our bureau in Odessa approach their work very responsibly. When providing services, we take into account each specific situation and the context of each text. And often this is important not only for concluding successful business deals, but the work of the bureau for translating medical certificates and educational documents is of particular importance.

Each employee has a higher education. Thanks to this, you can choose a specialist in a specific area that is necessary in a given situation. To your attention qualified specialists with technical, economic, legal and other types of education.

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The advantages of our translation agency in Odessa are the following qualities:

  1. Individual approach
  2. The speed of the bureau for the translation of any types of documentation
  3. Possibility of cooperation with the bureau on an ongoing basis
  4. Translation services for paper and electronic texts
  5. The prices of our translation agency will pleasantly surprise any customer

All questions can be asked at the specified phone number. The contact details in Odessa, indicated on the website, allow you to contact the representatives of the company, and you can also just personally come to the office and agree.

Questions and answers

What types of translations do you perform in Odessa?

We perform technical translations, written, notarized translations, economic translations, legal translations. We also offer legalization services for documents and prepare a certificate of non-conviction. Certification of documents with an apostille in Ukraine is also included in the list of Topperevod services in Odessa.

Can I order a notarized translation of documents in Odessa?

Notarized translation can be ordered. We offer translation services in Odessa and the region. Price from 150 UAH.. Terms from 1 day

What are the terms of translation of documents in Odessa?

Terms from 1 day. We provide urgent translations

What is the price for translation of documents in Odessa?

The cost of translation depends on the type and degree of complexity. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the prices in our price list