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Перевод на Китайский Перевод на Французский Перевод на Немецкий Перевод на Итальянский Перевод на Испанский Перевод на Турецкий Перевод на Украинский Перевод на Английский Перевод на Американский

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The translation agency in Lutsk offers high-quality translation services into the most common languages of various documents: from passports and agreements to certificates and contracts. The work is carried out in a short time. If you are concerned about the level of training of our specialists, we hasten to reassure you: everyone has the proper diplomas and certificates confirming the qualifications and the right to work in the profile. You can safely entrust the translation of documents in Lutsk to us both as an individual and as a legal entity.

What do we offer:

  • Submit an application for the translation of official documents, including certificates, identity cards, contracts, etc.;
  • order a police clearance certificate in Lutsk;
  • translate a package of documents with full execution for subsequent use;
  • carry out notarization of each page;
  • make a professional translation of medical, financial, legal, technical documentation.


We provide translation services for both individuals and legal entities. Our specialists work with passports, certificates, contracts, agreements, diplomas, certificates and so on. The main thing: when applying, indicate the required options, the level of urgency and the number of copies required. What is convenient is that you can apply, including in a remote format and with confidentiality.

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Notarization and apostille in Lutsk are required for legalization of documents in other countries. The first is necessary in order to give the documents legal force. The second is for the legalization of papers in the territory of the state in which they are planned to be provided. At the same time, an apostille is required mainly for non-commercial documents, otherwise confirmation by a notary is sufficient.

An apostille from the Lutsk Translation Agency is a time saver and a guarantee that the copies of documents you provide are correct, legal and executed in full compliance with international norms and standards. Sometimes an apostille can also be affixed to original documents. For example, it can be a power of attorney for something, a certain statement or agreement. In any case, apostille requires interaction with government agencies and personal presence, which is not always possible, and then it will be relevant to use our services.

Order a translation

Contact us when you need translation of documents, apostille in Lutsk, notarization and execution of papers in accordance with certain standards. We carry out work of various levels of complexity, in any volume and urgent. If necessary, we prepare additional copies.