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Translation price:
From 40 UAH
Notarization:From 110 UAH
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Is free
Transfer term:From 1 day

Перевод на Китайский Перевод на Французский Перевод на Немецкий Перевод на Итальянский Перевод на Испанский Перевод на Турецкий Перевод на Украинский Перевод на Английский Перевод на Американский

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For its clients in Bohodukhov, Topperevod translation agency provides a full range of translation services:

  • we work with 70 world languages;
  • we perform translations of various subjects (legal, economic, technical, medical and others);
  • we notarize and stamp the agency;
  • we translate websites, scientific, fiction.

Each customer is assigned a manager who will accompany not only the current, but also all subsequent projects. To perform texts of narrow specialization, a translator is selected, who, in addition to linguistic, has a second education in the corresponding direction. So, legal translations will be handled by a lawyer, financial translations by an economist, and medical translations by a physician. This approach allows us to guarantee the high quality of translated texts.

Order a translation

Translation of documents. Notarial and corporate certification of translations

When drawing up a package of documents for traveling abroad to continue your studies, get a job, for permanent residence, you need to transfer a lot of papers – certificates, passports, certificates, etc. We will translate standard documents within 24 hours. For businesses, we offer translation services for statutory documents, financial statements, business papers.

All translated papers will be prepared by our translators in accordance with the requirements of the receiving party. In addition, we can certify translations by a notary or by a seal of a translation agency.

Translation of multi-page texts, scientific articles, websites takes more time. But we can also perform such translations in a short time. You will receive the necessary translated papers by the date specified in the contract.

Order a translation

Order translation services at a specialized agency

To order a translation of documents in Bogodukhov, you can send an electronic copy by mail or attach a file with the text to the application on the site. After reviewing the material, the manager will call you back in 15 minutes. He will tell you about the additional services of the bureau, orient at a price. After discussing all the requirements of the project, the manager will be able to calculate the final cost of services. Then, depending on the characteristics of the original text and the target language, he will select an interpreter who is able to complete the task as accurately as possible. To check the finished translation, we engage a proofreader and an editor. Thanks to this approach to work, we can guarantee the quality of each of our projects.