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Ukrainian is the state language of our country, which is spoken by the majority of the population of Ukraine. Ukrainian can also be heard in Russia, Belarus, Canada, Poland and other countries. The total number of native speakers reaches half a billion people.

Given that office work in the country is conducted in the national language, legal translation into Ukrainian is in great demand at the translation agency. In the agency you will find specialists in various fields who have knowledge in the field of law, finance, medicine, science and technology.

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Professional translation into Ukrainian / from Ukrainian in Kharkiv

The Topperevod translation agency will help you quickly and competently translate into Ukrainian:

  • personal documents;
  • business documentation
  • banking and financial papers;
  • fiction and nonfiction;
  • advertising products;
  • sites.

Each type of translation is the responsibility of translators who have relevant topics of translation with knowledge and skills. Legal translation will be done by a lawyer, a medical doctor. Technical translation into Ukrainian is performed by translators who have a second profile education and practical experience working with similar materials.

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Notarized translation into Ukrainian in Kharkiv

Translation of Ukrainian notarized documents is in demand in many situations: for going abroad to work, for continuing education, collecting documents for permanent residence

Notarized translation into Ukrainian may be required when processing documents of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine. The reasons when the translation of documents into Ukrainian is required may be different:

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.
  • Registration by a foreigner of the identification code of the bodies of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.
  • Marriage between our compatriot and a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine. In this case, not only a notarized translation into Ukrainian, but also a certified copy of the original document is required to be presented to the registry office.

Doing business by a foreigner in Ukraine, as well as the activities of Ukrainian entrepreneurs abroad, are associated with the exchange of a large number of documents and other information. Translator services are also required for the proper compilation of source documents and adequate translation into Ukrainian correspondence. And for certification of constituent documents, contracts and other agreements of notary services.

Literary translation into Ukrainian in Kharkiv

When translating fiction into Ukrainian, the task of the translator is not so much the correctness of the adaptation of the text, as the preservation of the author’s idea, style of presentation, emotional color. A translator who does literary translation is essentially creating a new work that should evoke the same emotions as the original.

In addition to fiction and poetry, a literary translator is faced with the translation of advertising texts, which also require talent to work on. The translated text should not only convey information, but also interest the target audience.

Translation of newspaper, magazine articles, notes, interviews also has features. But the main condition of translation – translated texts should not lose their appeal and relevance.

Where to find such skilled and diverse translators for translation into Ukrainian? The answer is obvious – at the translation agency. The agency also provides translation services of Ukrainian works in any other language of the world.

Where you can get professional help from a translator in Kharkiv

Topperevod Translation Agency provides translation services to businesses, organizations, businesses and the public. You can order translation into Ukrainian of documents of different content in Kyiv, Kharkiv and anywhere in Ukraine. If you do not have an office of our agency in your city, you can use the services online. Send a message with an attached file (with documents to be translated) via the site form or e-mail. The manager will contact you within 15 minutes, clarify the requirements and name the cost of work.

In our agency you can order a translation from Ukrainian into Russian or any other language from the 70 possible ones we work with. The translation will be performed qualitatively and accurately within the stipulated time.