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What else are we doing

Notarization of translated documents. The translator checks the finished document for errors, and then confirms the correctness with a signature. The notary certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature, his qualifications (on the basis of a diploma of education), the compliance of the translation with the original document and the norms of the law. After that, the document is certified by the signature and seal of a notary, filed and registered in the register.

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Certification by the seal of the translation center. It is used to certify the correctness of the translated copy of the original document, as well as the correctness of the translation. It is necessary in cases where notarization is not possible. The translation is filed, the number of pages, the languages used, information about the translator (full name, qualification) and his signature are affixed. It is fixed with the stamp and seal of the organization that performed the translation.

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Formatting text documents and working with graphics. It is performed in those cases when it is necessary to partially or completely recreate the structure of the original document in the translation, including fonts, highlighting, footnotes, graphic elements and captions to them. The service is needed to maintain the logical sequence of the constituent sections in complex technical, medical, scientific and similar documents. Formatting is carried out by specialized specialists.

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Editing drawings, presentations with graphic editors, layout. It is carried out by a layout designer using special computer programs (Adobe, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, etc.). It is performed to restore the original structure, sequence, semantic content of graphs, tables, illustrations and similar inserts in translation.

Binding of instructions, booklets and any translated material. The service allows you to avoid additional costs for the publication of documents processed by translators in other organizations. Specialists of the translation agency, at the request of the client, make layout, edit materials, print out in the publishing center itself and bind multi-page documents. Different types of bindings are used: springs, stitching, gluing; soft or hard covers.

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Typing in both Ukrainian / Russian and foreign languages. Bureau typesetters, if necessary, qualitatively and in a short time translate any text into a printed document: manuscripts, abstracts, audio recordings, photocopies, spreadsheets, etc. Typing can be done as an additional service to translation, or as an independent task. The text can be typed in any desired language.

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Printing, scanning, photocopying and more. The printing center at the translation agency offers clients a variety of additional services for working with documents. We can edit and print any text, reproduce paper copies, create a digital version of documentation, etc.


Prices for additional services


Editing drawings, presentations with graphic editors30 – 100% of the total amount
Layout of brochures, manuals, catalogs one to one to the originalNegotiated price
Typing (2000 characters – 1 page (Ukrainian- Russian)45
Typing ( 2000 characters – 1 page (eng)55
Printing, b/w, 1 page2
Scan, 1 page3
Photocopying, 1 page3