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A contract is a documented agreement between several counterparties that contains the obligations, responsibilities of the parties, and other important terms of cooperation. When doing business with foreign partners, buying or renting real estate abroad, applying for a job in another country, etc. an agreement must be concluded between the parties.

Its translation is necessary first of all so that all interested persons understand the essence of the document. It is important that the lawyer not only prepares the written agreement and accompanies the conclusion of the contract, the translation of this document should also be entrusted to a specialist in law. You can also find specialists from among freelancers, but it is safer to order translation of contracts in the translation agency.

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Professional translation of contracts

Перевод договоров TopperevodIn Kharkiv, Kyiv, contract translation services are offered by the Topperevod translation agency. We work online and with customers from other regions of Ukraine and different countries.

In order to avoid mistakes and problems caused by them, the agency translates contracts of high-class specialists. Our translators have the necessary legal and linguistic knowledge, as well as many years of experience in these fields. They quickly and efficiently translate documents and contracts, regardless of the subject. It is not difficult for our specialists to translate not only contracts, agreements, but also other legal documents.

If you have a ready-made document, such as a sales contract, translating into English will take some time for professional translators. In addition to accurate and competent translation, we guarantee the correct design of the text.

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Languages of translation

Most often, clients need a translation of the contract from Russian into English or translation of legal documents from Ukrainian into Russian. However, it is not difficult for our translators to translate the agreement into German, Polish, Spanish and other European languages. We can translate the contract and other documents into and from more than 70 languages.

If you need to translate the contract urgently, our linguists will cope with this task. The cost of translating the contract is calculated depending on the language and volume of the document. Prices for translation of the contract and other texts are indicated in our price list. However, it should be understood that this amount will increase in case of the need to involve experts or if it is necessary to reduce the time of translation (urgent translation).

Features of contract translation

The agreement (contract) defines the legal relationship and conditions of cooperation between two or more parties. Like any other legal document, it has a certain structure and is rich in specialized terminology. One of the first difficulties faced by a translator is to correctly translate the name of the contract. Depending on the purpose (business contract, sale, lease, insurance, employment contract), a foreign document may have different names.

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Translating the names of enterprises and companies can also be difficult. Writing preferences are usually negotiated with the customer. In some cases, the principle of transliteration is used, and the original name in the language of the source document is given in parentheses. When translating a contract, it is necessary to use wording that accurately reflects the meaning of the original in the target language. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the country of destination may have a different legal system, respectively, the terminology may differ. Of particular importance is the correct spelling of foreign languages and numerals. It is also important to adhere to all elements of formatting, paragraph numbering, because in the text of the contract there are often references to certain items.

Stages of work on translation

After receiving the original document, the translator first reads the text. He determines the purpose of the agreement, the subject of the contract, pays attention to the names of contractors, allocates basic terms. If questions arise during the reading, for example, with names, titles, addresses, the translator can immediately find out the preferences of the customer.

Then the translation is performed directly. The most adequate grammatical and lexical means are selected, exact correspondences of the applied terms taking into account the branch of law and legislation of the corresponding states.

When the work on the translation is completed, the translated text is checked for compliance with the requirements of business style, the rules of the document. The proofreader corrects possible grammatical and syntactic errors, the editor complains about the absence of stylistic inaccuracies and inconsistencies in design. At this stage, the verification is performed with the original on the uniformity of numbering, compliance with digital information, uniformity of terms throughout the text.

The main advantages of the contract of translation of the text by our agency:

  • Competence. The contract will be translated by an experienced lawyer who speaks a high language of translation. To verify the translated text of the agreement, we may invite a legal expert who is a native speaker.
  • Precision. We guarantee the correct use of terms, names, symbols, geographical features.
  • Close contact with the client. All disputes, in particular, the correct spelling of proper names, we must agree with the customer.
  • Competent decoration. The translated text will be identical to the original document, with the numbering of items and sub-items.
  • Confidentiality. You can be sure that all information provided will remain confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.
  • Adherence to deadlines. Regardless of the complexity of the text, the translation, including urgent, will be performed exactly at the appointed time.
  • Certification. The translated document can be certified by the seal of the bureau (free of charge) or a notary (for a fee).

How to sign a translation contract?

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You can contact the bureau in person or send the document by e-mail. Our manager will be sure to contact you to clarify the nuances of the order and determine the deadlines. He will accompany the project and keep you informed of the stage of implementation. We carry out multi-stage quality control, all translated legal and other documents are checked by the editor and proofreader, if necessary, we can involve a native speaker. Whatever document we need to translate, be it a financial, property, organizational or employment contract, the translation will be done as accurately as possible to the original.

We value our customers, so we treat each project as responsibly as possible and provide high quality services at affordable prices.